StepInStep: How to Tap Dance

Beginner DVD Intro
The StepInStep Tap System is a comprehensive tap system for all levels of dance practitioners. The tap lessons include barre exercises, center floor excercies and complete tap dance routines. Developed by three sisters from a family with a long and successful tradition of dance and dance instruction the StepInStep Tap System is a must have for anyone interested in learning or teaching tap dancing. The StepInStep Tap System represents the best steps and a systematic approach to learning and teaching tap dancing developed through three generations of dance studio owners and tens of thousands of student class hours.

StepInStep has been successfully used around the world at numerous dance studios and by hundreds of instructors to help teach basic and advanced tap dancing techniques. The easy to follow videos feature picture in picture inserts to zoom in on the details of the tap steps. Additionally, the voice over detailed instructions make the lessons ideal for tap dancing beginners interested in self study as well as experienced instructors looking to supplement their current approach to teaching.
There are three sections to the StepInStep Tap System.
  • Beginner - Learn tap dance basics and building blocks for future routines
  • Intermediate - Go beyond tap dance basics and explore harder combinations and moves
  • Advanced - Push yourself and learn the tap dance combinations used by the best
Sample Beginner Bar 3yrs - 7yrs Sample Beginner Bar 8yrs - adult

Each section is in categories, for easy reference to steps, and to help you in planinng your own unique routines. The styling and proper execution of all dance steps in the system can be obtained by viewing the video. Arm movements and formation ideas can also be seen on the video.
Beginner Tap Dance Lessons
Video DVD, 2 Audio CDS
Beginner Section I Includes
  • 16 barre exercies
  • 60 center combinations
  • 4 full tap dance routines (ages 3 to 7)
Beginner Section II Includes
  • 11 barre exercies
  • 56 center combinations
  • 4 full tap dance routines (ages 8 to adult)
Intermediate Tap Dance Lessons
Video DVD, 2 Audio CDS
Intermediate Section Includes
  • 17 barre exercises in 2 groups
  • 72 center floor exercies in 9 categories
  • 7 full tap dance routines
Advanced Tap Dance Lessons
Video DVD, 2 Audio CDS
Advanced Section Includes
  • 18 barre exercises in 2 groups
  • 70 center floor combinations in 8 categories
  • 4 full advanced tap dance routines
Sample Beginner Routine